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  • Knowledge Web Video Overview
  • Re-Connections is a 25th anniversary celebration of James Burke’s ground-breaking “Connections” and “The Day The Universe Changed” series, and includes a segment explaining the Knowledge Web concept.
  • Mozart to the Helicopter is a sample journey through the KWeb with James
  • Purchase Connections (1, 2 & 3). Ambrose Video is the official distributor of boxed DVD sets for home or classroom use, and disks from Ambrose have been digitally remastered and contain Closed Captioning.
    Series Description: As the Sherlock Holmes of science, Burke tracks through 12,000 years of history for the clues that lead us to great life changing inventions– the atom bomb, telecommunications, the computer, the production line, jet aircraft, plastics, rocketry, television and more. Burke postulates that such changes occur in response to factors he calls “triggers,” some of them seemingly unrelated. These have their own triggering effects, causing change in totally unrelated fields as well. And so the connections begin…
  • Connections 1 (many episodes) have been uploaded to YouTube.


  • Indiana Public Media (2009) Interview
  • WFIU Public Radio: Science Historian and Television Personality James Burke (2009) Profile
  • SmithsonianLecture
  • Hardcore History with Dan Carlin (2008) Interview
  • Stranova, Vol. 25, Published September 25, 2006 Podcast

News & Events

For project updates, please read our blog.

We’re concentrating on getting a new version of K-web ready, using Flash and Freebase software. Programming help is needed, especially Flash, Java and database. We’ll schedule some online events for teachers, content creators and others in conjunction with launch. Request an invitation.

Past Knowledge Web Events

  • Videoconference with James Burke for software folks April 20, noon Pacific time.
    Email for an invite. You can replay the video
  • Future Salon April 4
  • DNAL Conference presentation Oct 22
  • Digital Holywood presentation Aug. 13
  • Teachers’ professional development workshop – July 14-15, 2006 – San Jose, CA
  • JavaOne – May 18, 2006 – Looking Glass Session demo
  • Online videoconference – February 11, 2006 9am (PST) – replay video (skip the first half hour)
  • Virtual Education Team Meeting – February 25, 2006 9 am PST Virtual Technical Team Meeting – February 18, 2006 9am PST – Access instructionsreplay video
  • Osher Lifelong Learning Course – April 21, 2006 – San Jose, CA Team Meeting – December 3, 2006 10am-noon – M.L. King Library/Room 229, San Jose map & driving directions
  • Teachers’ professional development workshop July 14-5, 2005 Santa Clara CA
  • Presentation at UCCP Conference July 17, 2005
  • ReConnections filmed for PBS (info) – excerpt
  • Teachers’ Workshop – December 9-l10, 2005 – Santa Clara
  • Open Knowledge Conference -September 29, 2005 – Utah State University
  • University of California College Prep Initiative Workshop – July 22, 2005

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