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Patrick McKercher, Project Manager

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Knowledge Web Volunteers

To volunteer your own expertise, contact Project Manager

The Knowledge Web is an ambitious and complex project, so we need nearly any skills you have. Our current volunteer teams are:

Assist in the creation of a new student-centered way of learning; advise the technology team on features, create curriculum, participate in professional development to investigate emerging technology and teaching methods.

Inspired by our advisor Doug Engelbart’s mission to push the envelope on data visualization and collaboration to cope with more complex problems, this group develops and tests Knowledge Web features. In particular, we currently need database, Java and sysadmin help.

Legal, accounting and logistical functions. We especially need help with grant-writing.

This team researches and writes text, but we also have folks finding images and creating video and even 3D Virtual Reality content.

Prepares online and print publications, as well as Powerpoint and video.

Knowledge Web Volunteer Team Leaders

Patrick McKercher, Knowledge Web Project Manager
Patrick McKercher leads the overall development and operation of the Knowledge Web project. He teaches courses in writing, technology, and the environment at the University of California, Santa Cruz. He serves on several educational technology advisory boards and has long been involved in using technology for outreach to public schools—particularly through the investigation of virtual reality spaces for educational exploration, collaboration, and mentoring.

Becky Barber, Content Team Leader
Becky Barber leads the research and creation of content for the Knowledge Web’s database of historical people, places, and events. She teaches graduate-level courses in San Jose State University’s School of Library and Information Science.

Judy Bonne, Educational Technology Team Leader
Judy Bonne leads a team of educators exploring the use of the Knowledge Web as an educational tool and as a way to develop curriculum. She is a professional educator and administrator who specializes in creating curriculum and professional development programs and was co-founder of the Spectrum alternative school, a private, K-9 school in Rockford, Illinois. Spectrum is recognized as a model by Dr. Howard Gardner and uses the multiple intelligences and constructivist pedagogy.

Gary Kelly, Technology Team Leader
Gary Kelley leads the technical development of the Knowledge Web. He is a Vice President of Oracle Corporation’s Portland Development Center, where he is responsible for middleware architecture. Gary has also worked at Informix, Sequent and 3Com.