Welcome to the home page of the James Burke Institute for Innovation in Education and its flagship project, the Knowledge Web.

Founded by James Burke, the author, host and narrator of the acclaimed television series Connections, the Institute exists to encourage innovative uses of educational technology.

The Knowledge Web today is an activity rather than a web siteā€”an expedition in time, space, and technology to map the interior landscape of human thought and experience. Thanks to the work of a team of dedicated volunteers, it will soon be an interactive space on the web where students, teachers, and other knowledge seekers can explore information in a highly interconnected, holistic way that allows for an almost infinite number of paths of exploration among people, places, things, and events.

We invite you to share the excitement of both the Institute and the Knowledge Web by browsing this site, and we encourage you to participate in the adventure of mapping the landscape of historical and scientific knowledge and to become a user of the Knowledge Web when it is complete. You can use a beta version which has most of the basic functionality of the overall planned system. Soon we will have a mobile app as well.

To follow our progress, please check our Facebook Page